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December 17th, 2014 | by BTC News

Microsoft Opens Its App Store to Bitcoin
“That a company the size of Microsoft has begun using [bitcoin] as a payment alternative provides greater security to those who, because of the technical complexity of bitcoin, are not sure how to use it or how it works,” he told the PanAm Post …
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Bitcoin Seeks Mainstream Appeal with First College Bowl Appearance in St
Bitcoin currency users will have the opportunity to purchase tickets with Bitcoin to see how the digital currency works. Over the past year, Bitcoin, has seen its reputation tarnished by the high profile failure and subsequent bankruptcy of Mt. Gox, a …
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Ransomware Criminals Turn to Virus Technique to Spread Infection
Outwardly, it works rather like any other ransomware, encrypting a wide range of data files and throwing up a warning screen claiming piracy and demanding a payment of around 0.6 Bitcoins ($ 210). Bizarrely, the encryption key is held on the victim's PC …
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