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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

December 29th, 2014 | by BTC News
How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

In this edition of the Goldcoin Report, Microguy details how the viewer can purchase bitcoins using PayPal. Don’t miss a moment of the intellectual hopscotch…


Watch: Call in #: 1-708-23-COINS (26467) Skype: BitcoinTalkShow PayPal’s Support is the Best thing that could happen to Bitcoin ht…
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  1. avatar andrew reid says:

    what happened to gator coin or whatever man i miss that. 

  2. avatar Tony Jah says:

    Cannot be more shady.

  3. avatar Roarzan says:

    Man that Derrick guy doesn’t get it. Wish Antonopoulos, Ellis, Atlas and
    others had joined in. Maybe one of them could’ve explained it in a way he’d
    get it.

  4. avatar Frank Flores says:

    Incredibly disappointed that Derrick’s ignorance was tolerated during this
    discussion. If you don’t know how the internet works and what the
    implications of net neutrality are, then your self satisfied bullshit
    argument about the market shouldn’t be voiced. Please learn about the
    technology you’re covering before opining like the many ignorant assholes
    on TV.

  5. avatar cyiwinifi says:

    Tom, you’re quickly becoming my favorite person on this network. Such an
    interesting topic. Just like an artist wants to start with a blank canvas,
    an online content provider wants a non selective packet transmitter. I’m
    not so doom and gloom about the future of the internet either way. Right
    now it may be hard for ma and pa to open an ISP and compete due to the
    whole infrastructure thing, but owning the wires may not be so important in
    the future. Also why doesn’t +MadBitcoin work?? 

  6. avatar Anders Lindman says:

    Downloading the Bitcoin block chain would probably go via slow lanes and
    take over a week! Only YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and other big corporations
    would afford fast lanes. Or maybe true free market competition would solve
    it. I’m not sure.

  7. avatar Mirco Romanato says:

    It is wrong to think about the past. You can not change the past but it
    become irrelevant as time pass. It doesn’t matter if telcos were subsidized
    by the government to build something, they were also controlled and could
    not innovate freely.

    What prevent competition? What prevent a new entrants from laying down its
    cables, its fiber optics, its repeating towers?
    This is the real problem.

    When there is competition, they automagically are forced to be honest and
    considerate, because people is able to go to someone else. Or do it

  8. avatar Some Guy says:

    We DO know it would be harder for new companies to compete, the barrier to
    entry ould be higher for crying out loud.
    Say, I want to create a competitor to youtube, because I have a great idea.
    Like many befor me, all I have are my skill and my mom’s garage to work out
    of. My sit will suck and people will not use it if I will not be able to
    afford the fast lane internet. My idea will not be working as well as
    youtube works in comperison because instant access and minimal loading
    times are essential for todays net users.

  9. avatar dan gould says:

    So Thomas can you show me what is so real about govtards except that they
    do business at a barrel of a gun?

  10. avatar Mitch Edelson says:

    The two largest bandwidth using websites are Netflix and YouTube,
    accounting for I believe 80% of all internet bandwidth. Large and fast
    internet wired to your home or through wireless is super expensive so the
    ISPs want to recoup. That being said I think the internet has more to offer
    than free endless passive entertainment and we all should consider more
    sustainable ways to enjoy our lives. 

  11. avatar Mirco Romanato says:

    If I want “the real internet” i will take it fast or slow, if I can not
    have it in realt time, I will download it slowly and watch it later.

    We do not remember when a few years ago we have 28.8 or 64 or 128 Kbits/s?
    People will access what they want, even at a slow pace. And they will pay
    for faster access.
    On the other side, they will not pay just for commercial provided
    entertainment if they don’t want it.

  12. avatar BuGGuru says:

    Here in Germany we have mobile data plans with 250-1000MB volume. After
    that they slow you down from HSDPA/LTE 50mbit to 64kbit (isdn). Now they
    come in and offer plans with these restictions and on top they offer you
    for some bucks a way around the 64kbit to listen to spotify. This already
    violate the net neutrality. Now all i can do is use my badwith + spend some
    bucks and all i can use after these 1000mb is spotify. I could not use
    other streams. Spotify wins, every other stream hoster without these impat
    on market is pushed back.

  13. avatar Some Guy says:

    This annoyed me. I am an anarchist. As an anarchist ou have to realize,
    that we do not live in an anarchic world. Getting rid of all government
    RIGHT NOW, in the current screwed up state of the world would be
    I don’t understand how Derrick doesn’t get that.
    In a PERFECT world, where we had anarchy in the past two decades, net
    neutrality would not be an issue. Because the internet itself would work

  14. avatar kaja says:

    use tradingview as chart site 🙂 it makes things so easy hehe

  15. avatar Josh Katen says:

    You guys are all so rad! WorldCryptoNetwork FTW

  16. avatar Chad Crypto says:

    Awesome show, good to see some heated discussion on Net Control! It’s good
    to have learned what it is finally. 

  17. avatar Pekezuz666 says:

    Have you seen Stefan Molyneus video on net neutrality? I think he does a
    decent job explaining why you should be against government intervention in
    the space

  18. avatar William Russell says:

    @25:28 on cabbie re-education brilliant observation.

  19. avatar elmo la mantia says:

    Agree with Thomas…that other guy just doesnt get it

  20. avatar eFISHancy says:

    19:00 uber’s competitor is lyft

  21. avatar joe malloy says:

    you’re in uncharted waters! 😛 haha…. sorry

  22. avatar ekhoury1000 says:

    wow.. madbitcoins is a socialist

  23. avatar eFISHancy says:

    19:00 uber’s competitor is lyft

  24. avatar Acharn says:

    good discussion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Will listen
    to the show again as i didn’t quite grasp some of the points made regarding
    the SQL , will need to read up and listen again.

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