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How to be a Bitcoin Hater

December 18th, 2014 | by BTC News
How to be a Bitcoin Hater

Written guide: As usual, some of this was inspired by Andreas Antonopoulos. This speech particularly: https:/…
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  1. avatar Mr.Maxi.Psycho says:

    I like bitcoin as a medium of exchange, but not as a store of value or a
    speculation. I do however think crypto currencies are more significant than
    perhaps anyone has yet realized. I’m somewhere in the middle ground.

    However, if Julia asked me personally I’d sell all my stocks, gold, and
    fiat and put it into bitcoin instantly!

  2. avatar posse rush says:

    All of the “CRAP” you just burped out, comes down to 1 thing sweet-heart
    “TRUST” = I dont trust it [period ,paragraph] end of story.

  3. avatar Dan Darden says:

    Haters going to hate #Bitcoin 1000 bits via +ChangeTip 

  4. avatar Avatar X says:

    *How To Be A Bitcoin Hater*
    Meta-Trolling or Reverse Trolling? You be the judge…Even if it don’t
    matters you know? 😉

    Brought to you by Julia Tourianski from what seems to be Catalunya, Spain.
    Hence the Amir Taaki joke I guess.

  5. avatar says:

    This is spot on. good job

  6. avatar MrNagolbud says:

    This is the biggest false flag / setup / bullshit to come down the line in
    a long time. If you can’t see the fraud behind bit coin… you’re never
    gonna see the full truth. Ya’ll are stuck in the same spot because of
    gatekeepers like this girl and alex jones. They are gatekeepers, THAT IS A
    FACT. They are KEEPING you from the truth. They are KEEPING you from
    thinking for yourself. You’ve gotta be pretty brainwashed / nuts to to
    think virtual money is financial freedom. Seriously delusional. 

  7. avatar Amos Bairn says:

    +BraveTheWorld I like your spunk. 500 bits +ChangeTip 

  8. avatar Raluca Beatrice says:

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    google)? In case you are excited about making money with Bitcoin, I have
    heard some interesting things about it and my m8 got cool rewards with it.

  9. avatar Dan Allen says:

    It’s hilarious how many of the points in this video apply to this video.
    “Resort to name calling!” she says, right after implying her enemies and
    all their friends are neckbeards. “You’ve heard the word deflation, and
    that makes you an authority!” about sums up the depth of economic knowledge
    shown. “If you don’t have much to say, Twitter is your friend!” and then
    the summary lists her Twitter.

    I guess what I’m saying is, congrats on making a poorly thought out screed
    about poorly thought out screeds.

  10. avatar Kelly Ann Pope says:

    We love you Julia.. you are one of our biggest fans in our little group
    right now.. and we are growing.. WE all adore you & cherish your leadership
    and information.. You are a brave soul & leader to help shape who we are as
    a UNIT. 🙂 Thank you for what you do.. so many appreciate you!

  11. avatar Mario Jefferson says:

    smart with her sassy bitcoin knowledge and teeth chomping badger. I like
    her barbie grit awesomeness

  12. avatar doaralmeu says:

    this dumb cunt is BEYOND retarded
    please go jump off a bridge or suck some dick to be taken semi-seriously AT
    LEAST once in your life

  13. avatar theEx0du5 says:

    This is such a demeaning video which doesn’t acknowledge any real
    criticisms. Nearly every econometric model of Bitcoin shows it to get it’s
    value purely as a speculative commodity, with the supply/demand realities
    coupled to expectation of future value producing a great value bubble that
    is unstable. You see that conclusion anywhere from
    Gomez-Gonzalez/Parra-Polania to Baek/Elbeck to Malhotra/Maloo to MacDonell
    to Ciaian/Rajcaniova/Kancs… Econometric models across the spectrum
    confirm this. Nobel Prize winning economists from many different schools
    agree with this characterization: when Robert Shiller, Alan Greenspan, and
    Paul Krugman agree, it is a strange day indeed.

    And when you have a protocol that allows rigging by those who control large
    amounts of power on the network, the ones incentivized to actually use such
    flaws for their own gain, then you have a recipe for abuse of the consumer
    and outright monetary theft. These flaws don’t require >50% network
    either, as has been shown in several recent whitepapers. Block withholding
    attacks may be used for benefit at any power, you simply get better chance
    of benefit as one approaches 50% hash. 20% is still abusable, and there is
    evidence it is actually occurring today!

    Is it ethical to promote such a system where people can lose their savings
    (irreversibly!) due to known flaws and instabilities? That’s the real

  14. avatar Bruce Fenton says:

    Good work Julia. :)

  15. avatar Bill Strait says:

    What a headline and cheeky way at poking fun towards the #bitcoin skeptics
    of the world. 

  16. avatar t4705mb6 says:

    Do yourselves a favor; Don’t *ever* hate.
    Only stupid idiots waste their time hating anything or anyone.
    Hating is counterproductive and you only end up hurting yourself.
    Hatred can eat away at you until there’s nothing left.

    (However, there’s nothing wrong with “disliking intensely” !)

  17. avatar Cameron Smith says:

    Trying to do research, and keep finding similar pages extolling it’s
    virtues, tutorials on the basics of how it works, but not finding much
    about how to get involved or look at actual data. Where does one start?

  18. avatar Michal Kolesa says:

    biutcoin isthe fuztuer people were making fun off me …… but a diet of
    dryed strawberrys and slimjims IS benefical tothe MIND ….hence I amvery
    enlighgtened.– 100%bitcoin boy

  19. avatar LibertyJava says:

    I use bitcoin, but there are good arguments against it like the fact that
    it isn’t a “hard” currency. however saying that gold is better because it’s
    tangible is like saying that DVD’s are a better currency just because they
    are physical.

  20. avatar michaelnew1962 says:

    The new Bitcoin promo channel?

  21. avatar Chaz Mania says:

    Call me dumb or whatever, but if bitcoin has some ppl nervous maybe explain
    how to get bitcoin, and what makes it worth any $, I’m a typical American,
    so research is foreign to me, again, I hear about bitcoin, but when I
    google it I never find a straight answer. 

  22. avatar PaladinusSP says:

    My pseudo-human interactions are pretty much on the same level with
    pseudo-currencies such as Bitcoin.

  23. avatar c4p0ne says:

    ROFLMFAO @ Solar Flare guy!!!!! Haha so we meet again! 3:20

  24. avatar Robert Nasiadek says:

    How to be a Bitcoin Hater

  25. avatar Kelthuzzar says:

    Damn, where was this filmed? Ural Mountains?

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