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High School Students Launch Automatic Escrow System at Demo

December 24th, 2014 | by BTC News
High School Students Launch Automatic <b>Escrow</b> System at Demo

High School Students Launch Automatic Escrow System at Demo
Trustless Exchange uses the Bitcoin blockchain—that is, the public record of all confirmed transactions conducted as part of the Bitcoin service—but stays away from the Bitcoin currency itself; all commerce is conducted in dollars, with no conversion …
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Fancy Blowing Some Bitcoin on a Shopping Spree?
The money – or in this case BTC will be held in escrow until confirmation has been received from the seller and a courier tracking number has been assigned. For its part, takes a 5% commission from the sale price, with the balance going to …
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All Things Alt: Altcoins for Amagi and New Features for Viacoin
The viacoin project is integrating CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY, an opcode proposed for bitcoin by core developer Peter Todd that opens the door to trustless escrow, hub-and-spoke micropayment networks and other potential applications. Todd's proposal …
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