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David Smith Bitcoin Investor Bitcoin Bulls

December 15th, 2014 | by BTC News
David Smith Bitcoin Investor Bitcoin Bulls

Jay Addison Technical and Media Advisor for CryptoBiz Magazine interviews David Smith, Bitcoin Investor, Bitcoin Bulls. David has been interviewed for CBS Mo…
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Please Vote for MadBitcoins in The Shorty Awards: January 13, 2014 — Buenos Aires, Argentina — Ma…
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  1. avatar David Smith says:

    Thanks for watching! That was a fun interview. Feel free to ask follow up
    questions here.

  2. avatar CryptoBiz Magazine says:

    Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas Oct 5-7/2014

  3. avatar screwityoutubization says:

    Why not, indeed! Bitcoin!

    I told my water softener guy and a construction guy. Also, the guy at Anyone care to join my email to Overstock asking them to
    begin showing prices in BTC, next to the American dollar price figure, on
    every product offered? They need to list on-line prices in BTC!

  4. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Oh, by the way. Today at work, the matco tool truck guy stopped by to sell
    his overpriced tools and when I was buying a few sockets I asked if he
    accepts bitcoins. “what are bitcoins?” he asked. LOL. Anyway I gave him an
    overview and suggested he might want to do a side business buying and
    selling bitcoins to mechanics at the various shops he visits. I spoke of
    the tax benefits, how the income isn’t taxable unless he turns it into
    cash. He seems very interested. Next week if he hasn’t done so already I’ll
    get him to download the Mycelium wallet program. Good times!

  5. avatar wayne90079 says:

    tight fit [the 80s group], fantasy island [song]. supports bitcoin!!!!!!!.
    yes baby

  6. avatar Bitcoin Odyssey says:

    The Coindesk article on marijuana does nothing for bitcoin. The headline
    was atrocious.
    Bitcoin does not need affiliation with marijuana. People can smoke it if
    they choose. It is a PR thing though…..and it relates to the greater public.
    The American dollar is the worlds No 1 currency for drug deals. 

  7. avatar Paul Racko says:

    Not spo-KANE. Spo-CAN.

  8. avatar Chris Haan says:

    You should preach the Bitcoin gospel to everyone that you meet. Lots of
    people will love you.

  9. avatar Virtue740097 says:

    Mad Bitcoins does it again. Sweeping local companies to accept a free, non
    compromising way to do business. Using BitCoins!

  10. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Ya when I heard overstock started accepting them I opened an account and
    made an order. Now I’ll check overstock before I check anywhere else.

  11. avatar Donna King says:

    Probably someone already told you- Spo-can. Love your show!

  12. avatar CLains says:

    can’t see how this will become popular if you keep spending 1:10 minutes on
    the intro. #honestfeedback
    otherwise good work, keep it up! :)

  13. avatar Loko Ivan M says:


  14. avatar John barfneck says:

    bitcon 2014- uninsured -unmoney that is not guaranteed a set value in any
    transactions. and ? will not be tracked or traced where it is sent to
    insure when and if it is stolen or diverted by a cyber criminal…..and
    no government/federal agency to get back your bitcoin once its
    embezzled/snatched/diverted electronically out of your account/s.

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