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Coinplug Bitcoin ATM South Korea

December 17th, 2014 | by BTC News
Coinplug Bitcoin ATM South Korea

The first made-in Korea Bitcoin ATM Coinplug Bitcoin ATM.
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  1. avatar Jaime Warlock says:

    Can’t wait till these are all over the world, will make travel & living in
    a foreign country so much easier.

  2. avatar tim kruger says:

    Making a trip here next time i’m in Seoul!

  3. avatar Terrabyte Hasher says:

    민트 동전이 개발하십시오. Mintcoin

  4. avatar barkingbandicoot says:

    How much to buy one? Can it be configured for Australia??

  5. avatar Rafael Scola says:

    No need to wait for confirmations?

  6. avatar smashinNdashin24 says:

    Make bitcoin doing nothing! Sign up free!!!

  7. avatar Moedas Digits says:

    South Korea Launches its First Two-Way Bitcoin ATM.

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  9. avatar tieng nguyen says:

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