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Cloud bitcoin mining (

December 20th, 2014 | by BTC News
Cloud bitcoin mining (

Please use this link to sign up: You can download the bitcoin-qt…


How to Create Account and Redeem Bitcoin Mining Voucher

CEX io Signup link – CEX.IO — is a first commodity exchange company which offers cloud mining combined with a powerful commodity exchange…
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  1. avatar DomasVel says:

    Mhm u need to buy ghs to mine ?

  2. avatar Fockee Youie says:


  3. avatar Luka Bursik says:

    do you have facebook?

  4. avatar Henrik Oldenborg says:

    Hej Kim. Hvad er din erfaring? kan det betale sig? hvor stor er ricikoen
    for at man taber penge på det? Jeg har længe gået og tænkt på at begynde at
    mine bitcoins, men jeg kan ikke rigtig gennemskue om det giver et
    ordentligt afkast

  5. avatar Marko Tomic says:

    well so i cant earn any money if i dont have a budget to start.. right?

  6. avatar Frank says:

    Great video, it helped a lot. 

  7. avatar yahia charchar says:

    thank you for video,I understand some of the things vague.

  8. avatar Serial1977 says:

    nice! get the word out. actually works! :)

  9. avatar budymoney says:

    dang it looks like cant show pics in comments.

  10. avatar mike vermeer says:

    are you german?

  11. avatar odqolvlopbo says: is a money loser. The price of 1 GH/s is currently about 0.04, but 1
    GH/s won’t mine more than 0.03 BTC. Don’t think you can make money trading
    either. The price has dropped 50% in the 4 weeks since this person made
    this video. 

  12. avatar Mukesh Kumar says:

    Thank you so much Kim for sharing your thoughts. It’s really helpful. 

  13. avatar Laurens D says:

    The pricing is that per day or hour?

  14. avatar xxxRampage1xxx says:

    Ive made money off the site

  15. avatar Bitcoin Truth says:

    Nice Video!

  16. avatar Andy Hadi says:

    Very helpful. Thanx.

  17. avatar TheSeeka says:

    Thanks Kim. Perfect timing, I’ve just started looking into Cloud Mining.
    I’d like to understand more about how you judge pricing and what you base
    your bidding decisions on. Again, great video… More please!

  18. avatar arrow251 says:

    Ok, I’ll ask the hard question. What is your profit each month?

  19. avatar Ainoa Medina Cruz says:

    Cool video, very useful to get started.

  20. avatar TheSeeka says:

    Again, thanks for a detailed reply. Great information and more to digest.
    Another quick one please… What are your views on buy-and-hold vs.
    day-trading? In terms of investing in Ghash to use for longer term mining
    or aiming to throw off growth value?

  21. avatar says:

    Only 105 250 Kh/s left!
    Save 50% At HashProfit – 48 Hours Only
    I just got an email from HashProfit – they are having a HUGE SALE

    The are offering a 50% saving off their cloud mining (but it’s such a good
    saving they are limiting it to a total amount of 150,000 Kh/s – when this
    amount is sold the price is normal again). a

    To get you saving enter the coupon code: HP298831
    Only 150,000 Mh/s available at this price!
    Expires: 26.09.14 23:59 (UTC+5)

  22. avatar says:

    You can buy CEX.IO Vouchers here:

  23. avatar nuno degllo says:

    doesnt work fell

  24. avatar Theblueseaweed says:

    can i have a vocuhers code please

  25. avatar arbra5934 says:

    registered now how do i get the code ???

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