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China Financial Collapse, Bitcoin Black Eye, Ukraine-Russia War and Bernanke Memoirs

December 24th, 2014 | by BTC News
China Financial Collapse, Bitcoin Black Eye, Ukraine-Russia War and Bernanke Memoirs

Pro-western protesters have force the Ukrainian President to flee, and now there is a new president who is partial to the West. My prediction is Russia will …
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  1. avatar Evhen Karastoyanov says:

    The guy does not know what he’s talking about. Keep your mouth shut if you
    don’t know the truth (re Ukraine).

  2. avatar silver says:

    Wrong on everything. Gets my vote. 

  3. avatar GameChakra says:

    We don’t need to know who invented Bitcoin just as we don’t need Einstein
    for E=mc^2 to work. You can review Einstein’s proof just as you can review
    Bitcoin’s open source code. I’d rather put my trust on math than central

  4. avatar ColdWarWarriors says:

    You want a regulator for Bitcoin? how about the CFTC? I bet those boys
    would do a wonderful job!!

  5. avatar ALLAHbless CHINA says:

    It’s so obvious that the amerikkkans and britard are behind this.
    They suffered a horrible defeat in Georgia and Syria so they are trying to
    get revenge from Russia, but once again Russia will defeat them

  6. avatar aon10003 says:

    Why conflicts is piling up. Simply because USA has, in the eyes of their
    adversires, lied so many times that a Peace with US has no value. I hate to
    make the comparision , its totally wrong in every aspect expect the ones i
    told you from above, but this was the situation that Germany was in 1940.

  7. avatar Jamie Colt says:

    Once again, Barack Hussein Obama ( Barry Soetoro Alias ) Skips another
    National Security Team Meeting. Obama did have a 20 minute closed-door Oval
    office meeting with Susan Rice. In the meeting it was determine, Russian
    Ukraine Invasion, began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated –
    response to an American Right Wing Youtube Video

  8. avatar Praylak says:

    Does anyone remember another time when there was so much civil strife? We
    got Venezuela, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Now Ukraine, probably forgetting a
    few. People around the globe are pissed.

  9. avatar Yuoskalola says:

    Greg Hunter is a really good person. He helped me so much

  10. avatar Gabriel Traveler says:

    Thanks Greg. Wow, a heck of a lot going on in the world. Crazy stuff. It’s
    going to be quite a year.

  11. avatar neurotraveller says:

    Greg, please have a guest from the Bitcoin world on to address your
    concerns. I feel that a lot of the info you are getting about is coming
    from the mainstream press. I recommend Andreas Antonopoulis, Tuur Demeester
    or Roger Ver. Thanks.

  12. avatar Denise Ward says:

    If we all had a choice to pick going into war over this or not, I bet every
    person on earth would say no. So why do we go? Surely even the members of
    the military are waking to the level of absurdity of those they are working
    for? As for Bitcoin, no more legislation! Get the software to safeguard the
    stakeholders not the government. Let everything be open to anything and we
    would bounce into the next dimension~

  13. avatar loppy4100 says:

    You are not giving enough credit to the American citizens who in town house
    meetings all across America protested the Syrian war so the government
    backed down off that idea.

  14. avatar macpduff says:

    Some of the younger Americans need to remember how America reacted when
    there were missiles placed in Cuba.
    We couldn’t tolerate that and Russia can’t tolerate loosing the Ukraine.

  15. avatar Roger Mueller says:

    if china is going broke,how can they be buying so much gold?

  16. avatar taznruby says:

    Great commentary Greg.
    What was forged in lies and wrought with greed comes to fruition for those
    who have betrayed. What was done can be realized by the many, but few know
    how deep the wound.
    Take heart sir, for those who have betrayed only see through the fog of
    shame and denial. For the few, we gaze through the clarity of truth. We
    shall prevail through the changes that take place and approach. You are a
    good man. Keep up the good work.

  17. avatar chris hawkins says:

    Nobody ever threatened the Sevastopol base.

  18. avatar Aaron Irby says:

    5:00: You’re giving this administration to much credit. This isn’t
    punishment from the U.S. This is incompetency at the highest levels of the
    American Government. They have no idea with what type of people they are
    dealing with. Putin was cutting pieces off of human beings in the 1980s.
    Obama was smoking pot in his friend’s mother’s basement. If this little
    street punk keeps pushing this dangerous egotistical maniac he is going to
    throw us into a horrible situation that might wind up turning nuclear. 

  19. avatar phosphorusize says:

    Greg , you hit every nick and nanny on current subject.. I am surprised the
    Government hasn’t tried to Visit you to shut you up. lol keep it rolling we
    are listening 

  20. avatar Norm Farrell says:

    Ok Greg, Obama is going to address the Ukraine issue on TV, in a few
    minutes. Let’s analyse what he says, this evening!

  21. avatar brokenlibrary2591 says:

    Speaking of military cutbacks, gov just closed a bunch of commissaries so
    people have to leave base, (some driving 40 mi.) to shop at regular
    markets. This really puts a hardship on them and on their families.

  22. avatar MAXLIBERTY says:

    ha yuh Honey ishrunk our kids chance 

  23. avatar darcy leclair says:

    in between the rest of Europe and Russia

  24. avatar John Doe says:

    Ukraine is not “in between east and west”, it is in the East. East of
    Ukraine you have Asia. You can’t get much farther east in Europe than
    Ukraine. Just a small correction.

    As for the Ukraine situation causing a world war, highly unlikely. The
    major powers in Nato (Britain, France, Germany) have no interest in a war
    with nuclear power Russia. There will be sanctions and political “war”, but
    not an all out military war.

    Worst case scenario is that Ukraine declares war on Russia over Crimea and
    it turns into a proxy-war, where pro Ukrainian forces are funded by NATO
    and aided with air raids, while pro-Russian forces are aided by the Russian
    army. But it’s highly unlikely, politics have changed too much since wars
    were commonplace in Europe.

  25. avatar DiscoProJoe says:

    I see on Mt. Gox’s website (which now only contains a single page with
    announcements) that they’ve just set up a call center this week, and they
    list their phone number at the bottom of the page beneath the bankruptcy
    declaration. I can’t imagine how many amusing prank calls they’ll be

    “Thank you for calling Mt. Gox, how can I help you?”

    [Spoken with a Darth Vader voice tone] “It is ****I**** who have your
    bitcoins….I have buried them…on the far side of the moon….If you want
    ’em,…come get ’em! Hoo hoo hoo heh heh heh ha ha ha hahhhhhhhh!” [hangs

    “Thank you for calling Mt. Gox, how can I help you?”

    [Spoken with a young male teenager’s voice] “Hey man, are you ever gonna
    put that picture of that cute girl in the glasses back up on your home
    page? She’s hahhht, man!” [hangs up]

    “Thank you for calling Mt. Gox, how can I help you?”

    [Spoken with an average adult’s voice] “Hey uh,…I’ve seen some pretty
    good documentaries about Enron and Lehman Brothers, and I was wondering if
    you could tell me when Mt. Gox’s film will be coming out.”

    “Well, I’m sorry, sir, I have no idea.”

    “Oh, OK, just let us all know when it comes out. It oughta be a
    blockbuster!” [hangs up]

    “Thank you for calling Mt. Gox, how can I help you?”

    [Spoken with a Spaniard’s voice, quietly at first while getting louder and
    louder] “My name is Inigo Montoya….You killed my bitcoins….Prepare to
    die….My name is Inigo Montoya….You killed my bitcoins….Prepare to
    die….My name is Inigo Montoya….You killed my bitcoins….Prepare to

    “Stop saying that!”

    [Caller hangs up]

    Anyway, everyone, feel free to think of some fun Mt. Gox crank-call jokes,
    and post them here. Fire away. 😉 (And no, I do *not* recommend calling
    them, of course.)

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