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China bitcoin exchange plots future after crackdown

December 17th, 2014 | by BTC News
China bitcoin exchange plots future after crackdown

Dec. 19 – China’s central bank may have frozen new yuan deposits into exchange BTC China, but its CEO Bobby Lee say the digital currency is far from dead in …
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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) — The virtual currency, Bitcoin, is on a rocky ride. Demand in China gave the digital money a boost, but prices plunged after People’s …
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  1. avatar John Smith says:

    Bitcoin is a good and reliable choice, but another good choice, which is
    about 1000 times cheaper 20 times faster and is being used as a mobile
    payment method right now – they have a super-fast app on Google Play. Lead
    developers in Kenya right now working on the small details and the payment
    app on Google Play will come pre-installed on all new smart-phone 2015/16
    bought around Africa. It is possible to get Zetacoin via the major
    exchanges Cryptsy/Mintpal/Bter. It is surprising how little PR they have.

  2. avatar Linda-Jane 姬琳达珍 Debello says:
  3. avatar S Aruvi says:

    Bitcoin is reliable and good choice

  4. avatar Daniel Rongo says:

    This guy has an amazing accent.

  5. avatar Gonzo says:

    I predicted governments would shut down bitcoin. I hope none of you bought

  6. avatar boxingisbest says:


  7. avatar Crypto Girl says:

    It’s TOTALLY ILLEGAL for a bank to tell you what you can or cannot buy with
    your money! Change Banks!

  8. avatar jaymcaaa61 says:

    quark coin better more of them and easy to get bitcoin will go down a bit
    and learn to exchange with all coins i think

  9. avatar leeo268 says:

    Now there are litcoin, peercoin and many other coins popping up on the
    market. Bitcoin bubble is slowing down and ready to pop. Last chance to
    cash out before you lose it all.

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