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Bitcoin: Why Richard Branson, Bill Gates Support the Currency

December 28th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin: Why Richard Branson, Bill Gates Support the Currency

Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) — Blockchain President Peter Smith discusses the company’s business model and the security concerns surrounding Bitcoin with Trish Regan …
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Tony Gallippi talks about bitcoin and the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl on Bay News 9 on September 15th, 2014.
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  1. avatar Frank Flores says:

    While #bitcoin is a better money, it will not resolve the problems created
    by money. Please investigate a resource based economy.

  2. avatar EmpathyWorks says:

    If you buy into bitcoin you’re a moron. There is no accoutability for this
    money. And does the FDIC protect me if I get my money stolen like its been
    done SO MANY times?

  3. avatar Tunji Bamgbola says:

    Some of the questions asked in this interview show that she does not
    understand what Bitcoin is at all. 2014 is for Bitcoin what 1994 was for
    the internet in my opinion.

  4. avatar Justin Waters says:

    I’ve read that Bitcoin is deflationary because there is a limitation on the
    number of coins that will be released, but it seems that the inclusion of
    other crypto-currencies into the market will cause an inflationary pressure
    on Bitcoin. 

  5. avatar Dana Murray says:

    Bitcoin is the great equalizer. You Do Not Need A Bank!…ROBBING YOU BLIND

  6. avatar SuperSimba6 says:

    I think the smartest thing you can do as a potential investor at this point
    wanting to get involved in the space (assuming you are not interested in
    just starting your own business) is to get some btc, and then rather than
    keep it in a wallet, spend it by investing into shares/stock of some of
    these new companies that are going to be shaping the digital currency space
    in the future. These new companies are giving away a LOT of shares for 1 or
    2 btc and you can predict that in the future as long as those companies are
    halfway successful your return on investment will be huge as digital
    currency in general really takes hold in the world. In other words, put
    yourself in a position to profit not from the currency directly but from
    the companies which will profit the most from the currency ;)

  7. avatar Peter Marreck says:

    They certainly need to make the user interface as minimally dorky as
    possible to increase marketshare. Or have 2 UI’s, advanced and trivial.

  8. avatar David Lopez WorldCitizen says:

    “Why is it so fast and cheap?” Because there are no regulations but I fear
    it won’t be that way for long as the bank lobby will not allow that. 

  9. avatar Silver Destiny says:

    ******** Dogecoins **********

    ********* is the next big thing ********

    *************** Look it up! ***********

  10. avatar Rung Phiusawang says:

    Money easy high security

  11. avatar jeroeniskoning says:

    We’re getting there, eventually…

  12. avatar wallace Gathungu says:

    It’s already happening with mpesa remit monies to Kenya without any charge
    via app “wave” available on google store and apple store. Just needs to go

  13. avatar inquisitive871 says:

    Still not convinced

  14. avatar i parabellum brave new world says:

    Poor reporter have no clue((
    do some research people,get your self a wallet try it on ,with amount like
    5 cents …


    u shouldnt get bitcoins they are poisonous and give people cancer already

  16. avatar NickSal310 says:

    Bitcoin is a way of life. 

  17. avatar Patternicity says:

    heehe 5:37

  18. avatar Paolo Sobretodo says:


  19. avatar Kremena Dimova says:

    Hello there! Have you considered – Brians Bitcoin Big Bang (just google
    it)? Should you be intent on making money with Bitcoin, Ive heard some
    unbelievable things about it and my brother-in-law got excellent benefits
    with it. 

  20. avatar David Jenkins says:

    This reporter reminds me of how little people know of and understand

  21. avatar Adam Bellinson says:

    Nice clip!

  22. avatar Harvey Dentist says:

    Cant wait till the Bitcoin bowl .. why not call it the Bitbowl !! *raises
    eyebrows ~~~Powcoin: The Crypto of the Comic World

  23. avatar Stratos Kapetanakis says:
  24. avatar Allison Coleman says:

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