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Bitcoin Trade Alert – China Panic Round 2

December 25th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Trade Alert – China Panic Round 2

Check out the chart to go along with this video –


Homepage for this documentary project: China has been a big question mark for a while, so I’ve been traveling through …



  1. avatar Chris Dunn says:

    Just closed a large % of the trade around $470. Awesome trade!!

  2. avatar Kombaiyashii says:

    thanks Chris. Hope your grandad gets better.

  3. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Ya, as you suspected, I think that survey is biased and shady. If the same
    question was asked about email in the early 90’s you’d have the same result
    but today almost everyone has one or more email addresses. Like you, I have
    a long term position in bitcoin but I don’t expect huge gains anytime soon.
    Most of my wealth is elsewhere and it’s not in the stock market. It’s in
    things that are real, such as my paid off income generating rental condo.
    Let’s see another MF Global type scam take my condo, my metals or my
    bitcoins. The condo produces a yearly profit of 10.96% of the condo’s
    market value. I doubt I could do that well in the stock market (since I
    simply don’t have time to become a skilled trader).

  4. avatar pepejeanz87 says:

    Great video Chris, I’m always looking forward to your new videos! Thanks
    for your insight on the bitcoin market! I’d would like to ask, what do
    think of alt coins? 

  5. avatar Bevan Collins says:

    great video, thanks Chris

  6. avatar TheLegendX9 says:

    Good advice as always. Keep up the good work!

  7. avatar Message Gaming says:

    May the odds be ever in your favor. ^^ 7:17

  8. avatar Barry White says:

    Hey Chris? Do you give advice for binary options trading?

  9. avatar Alif ahamed says:

    It is beautiful video So many many thank

  10. avatar MIke Hanley says:

    I saw a report dated 6 days ago that the China Story was false. Was
    it reported again and confirmed?

  11. avatar Jose Lakas says:

    Awesome Chris, ty for sharing. I have a quick question.
    Are Fibonacci levels just a self-fullfilling prophecy on bitcoin? Id on’t
    feel like people use Fibonacci to trade bitcoins, it doesn’t feel related
    to me, what’s your thought about it?

  12. avatar foodnetworks says:

    Bitcoin is gonna crash . Mark my word. It’s gonna be worthless. Make ur
    money and get out.. don’t buy the ok..maybe for now. 

  13. avatar Cryptix001 says:

    adopters. not adapters.

  14. avatar kenykillr says:

    chris are you still holding on to your long term bitcoin

  15. avatar Martin Amtman says:

    how do you short bitcoin

  16. avatar minercraftraidz says:

    What are your thoughts about trading 212

  17. avatar Type-59 says:

    OKcoin said this China news was FUD.

  18. avatar Sea Monster says:

    Thanks for the update! Do you think 3000 is a big breaking point for Huobi?

  19. avatar Azizur Rahman says:

    nice video & I think it is very essential to all 

  20. avatar Super Kawaii says:

    bobby lee bobby lee bobby lee will you adopt litecoin anytime soo charles
    would be sooo happy =^-^=

  21. avatar Leroy Brown says:

    Thank you for this video and your work on a wallet compatible with all
    devices. Is the Chinese government classifying bitcoin as a commodity?
    With this latest news concerning China’s policys on Bitcoin, how does this
    affect the adoption and Chinese usage? 

  22. avatar Coin Republic says:

    Great interview Kyle- nice to have an inside perspective on whats going on
    in China.

  23. avatar Tommy Hendrickx says:

    This was before the BAN. :)

  24. avatar - Android Financial apps says:


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