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Bitcoin scam – 7.30 Australia

December 14th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin scam – 7.30 Australia

Bitcoin scam - 7.30 Australia

Captured from ABS12 2013/04/08. Full 576i download link: Coming Soon.


Gullible Bitcoin Nerds Attempt a Scam, Whine When The Scam Scams Them

Bitcoin faithful thought they knew what they were getting themselves into when they invested their money in a site called PonziCoin. It was literally a Ponzi…
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  1. avatar Stephen Cunningham says:

    Bitcoin is not a scam…there’s always plenty of idiots that will get
    scammed..It was $120 when this report was done…It’s worth over $700

  2. avatar Head Honcho says:

    If you think your Bitcoin is worth anything, see if you can get real cash
    for it.

  3. avatar Scottish Gold says:

    Bitcoin is the scam of the century. It is backed by nothing. It is the
    greatest pyramid scheme for suckers ever known.

  4. avatar Scottish Gold says:

    The Chinese were recently ripped off in bitcoin to the tune of

  5. avatar agun17 says:

    A fool is soon departed from it’s money, specially the fool who lends their
    money to another fool.

  6. avatar metagen77 says:

    lol what are you talking about

  7. avatar Jay Brown says:

    Bit coin is stupid you can easily counterfeit the digital coin, thats why
    they only make so many on the front end, but have an unlimited amount in
    the hands of the owners or holders this is bull shit don’t buy this crap,

  8. avatar christpunchers says:

    Let’s ban needles, because people use them to inject drugs. Ban cash,
    because people use cash to buy drugs.

  9. avatar glaatraa says:

    I look forward to your report on how people are using brown envelopes
    supported by the mail services to distribute drugs.

  10. avatar Ron Jefferson says:

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  11. avatar southaustraliatv says:
  12. avatar EdwardHowton says:

    What? Libertarians attempted to scam people? But that flies in the face of
    the very ideals they hold most dear: individual responsibility and

    Oh wait, I forgot: they don’t have any fucking ethics, because they’re a
    bunch of greedy, selfish assholes.

  13. avatar Stringer Bell says:

    I love libertarians, smug even in defeat.

  14. avatar evilreligion says:


  15. avatar abyssinia4ever says:

    Greedy cunts got took by an even greedier cunt libertarian philosophy
    wrapped up folks. 

  16. avatar MintV2 says:

    Bitcoin: “currency” for the developmentally disabled.

  17. avatar cosmosgato says:

    Fiction can no longer compete with reality

  18. avatar kissfan7 says:

    I for one hopes Matt never stops talking about Bitcoin.

  19. avatar adamjsutto12 says:

    don’t you see guys? that invisible hand (mentioned about 3 times max by
    Adam Smith) will work with free market forces and magically, people won’t
    invest in ponzicoin anymore? see it worked

  20. avatar Greendawg says:

    This is just a microcosm of the level of stupidity, greed and self
    entitlement amongst the so called bitcoin community. Its a community of
    scammers and pumpers trying to scam other scammers. These retards and
    thier amateur tactics make the pumpers on stock sites look like the work of
    genuis. Once again its rather hilarious that these bitcoiners always
    resort to thier favourite whiney emo one-liner “You just dont undestand it”
    when not one of them can understand the simple difference between money and
    currency and not one of them has ever picked up a history book and
    apparently not one of them is intelligent enough to grasp the simple
    concept of a ponzi scheme.

  21. avatar Carson Jones says:


  22. avatar anewascension says:

    Sam, I subbed to your channel after your humorous take on JP Morgan’s
    criminal behavior. However your constant display of ignorance regarding
    bitcoin has turned me right back around. I don’t know the future of bitcoin
    but I know that an open- source decentralized form of digital currency is
    doubtlessly the future of internet commerce. I’m going to laugh real hard
    at you if we see another 1,000% gain this year in the still young,
    5-year-old medium of exchange 

  23. avatar Steve G says:

    By the way, it is DEFINITELY time for one of you, or maybe me, to start up
    a bitcoin exchange. I’ve never heard of an easier scam. Stupid people
    give you money, and then you just take it and leave, and they gear
    themselves up to give you money again the next time. At least Christianity
    necessitates getting up early on a Sunday before you can rob willful people
    while promising them nothing.

  24. avatar z400racer37 says:

    I wonder how much those hyenas in the background cost….

  25. avatar MrOttopants says:

    I watched Tron Legacy yesterday. 

  26. avatar mbank2 says:

    this has never happened with fiat currency. sam, your just wrong on this.
    your whole framing of bitcoiners as libertarian nerds is wrong, bitcoin is
    going mainstream this year, asians are among the most using bitcoin so were
    not talking libertarians are even a majority, they are a minority of the
    users just a majority of the loudest users in the english speaking
    community. i will laugh in a year or two when you are forced to change
    stance on bitcoin.

  27. avatar Raven Crim says:

    Wow this is the best.

  28. avatar biggydx says:

    I would have given $10 in fiat currency to see what their fucking faces
    looked liked when they found out. lol

  29. avatar Christopher Butler says:

    You know those videos of dogs trying to walk through a door or gap when
    they’re holding a bone or stick that is too wide to get through?.. I get a
    real strong vibe of that from the fellows in this story.

  30. avatar Gael Cannabrz says:

    very funny :)

  31. avatar amoscarmel says:

    Don’t you guys wish that stupidity would hurt more than women’s labor

  32. avatar nesia indo says:

    Every good scam artist knows that the easiest way to scam a knucklehead is
    to appeal to his greed.

  33. avatar Robert Jordan says:

    lol majority report.coin do it sam make the libertarians give you money :)

  34. avatar sausageman says:

    Bad news: looks like the site owner has refunded the money to its
    ‘investors’ according to Ars Technica.

  35. avatar MpowerdAPE says:

    “but wait, the Ponzi boss took MY money!!!”…..Objectivism at its
    finest….. Quick note : whether Ayn Rand knew it or not… she was a
    “contrarian” not the fucking messiah.

  36. avatar Robert Jordan says:

    is it just me or do libertarians sound like the daleks instead of
    exterminate exterminate kill the doctor it’s free market free market
    privatize social security

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