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Bitcoin Robot Performance For Oct 2013

December 28th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Robot Performance For Oct 2013

Bitcoin Robot Performance For Oct 2013 – My performance for the month of Oct 2013. – My review of BTC robot…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. avatar BitCoin WorldWide says:

    Hi Davide,

    Please read this post for my conclusion:


  2. avatar samthing4u225 says:

    I have a platinum account on aggressive mode but my robot keep losing money
    by buying high and selling low. How exactly is this supposed to make me
    profits. I have gone from 1.097 btc to now 1.011btc.. This includes both
    btc and usd.Please help me understand how this is profitable for you..What
    is even worse is that the support hasnt gotten back to me in a week even
    though i’m platinum.

  3. avatar Davide Dal Molin says:

    hi, i am from Italy, for you the aggressive mode is really the best mode?
    if bitcoin go down i lose lot of money or robot work well ?

  4. avatar Muzaffar Djuraev says:

    I have bought btc robot (gold membership) in september 2013, it did not
    make money at all, contrary my account had negative balance up until now.
    it had too many technical problems with btc robot, it did not traded
    properly so few days ago i asked for refund, they kept me referring
    clickbetter site. although, there was not enough time to test robot within
    60 days because robot did not work properly , and vendor also kept assuring
    that robot will make money. As you see now this robot is totally rubbish, i
    definitely not recommend to buy that robot, stay away from that. BTC robot
    vendor is cheater for me because they took my money

  5. avatar Gary A. says:

    This piece of digi-garbage BTC Robot Scamware just nuked 5k in value from
    my BiT Coin holdings. Stay the F*CK away from Ruskie Scammers and their
    pathetic scams …they’re all alike. BTC Robot is trash.

  6. avatar abrahamdebrain says:

    Fraud. They will steal your money. Idiots.

  7. avatar MegaSkiboy says:

    whats the catch?

  8. avatar lipid jooe says:

    Yes it really works

  9. avatar John Jame says:

    Thank you for sharing !!

  10. avatar zeri adam says:

    I will download it.Thank you very much 🙂

  11. avatar Avi Edmond says:

    Great show . I like it

  12. avatar David Yui says:

    Looks like a great bot, will get it.

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