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BitCoin Pirate explained

December 20th, 2014 | by BTC News
BitCoin Pirate explained

Peace to my new followers on Vine. BitCoin News not looking good when your CPU is hacked by Warlords. Internet dating and your money. Forking BitCoin market …


8/19/14 - Libra makes Bitcoin taxes easy, BitX looks to expand, & BTCTrip with Dogecoin & Litecoin Digital currency accounting service provider Libra has announced the public launch of their new LibraTax Bitco…
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  1. avatar Fred Grace says:

    I want to apologize for my rude remarks. And there was no need to use the F
    word. So I apologize and you’re more than welcome to have your own opinion
    and state that in the comment section. At is sick got personal I felt like
    you nailed it so I got defensive. Anyway I’m sorry I don’t want to mean to
    hurt anybody or be negative in any way towards a new person it’s just one
    of many videos that I’m going to continue to make throughout the next
    several years so once again I apologize for being rude and I hope we can
    start over

  2. avatar Fred Grace says:

    Hey Ray go fuck yourself 

  3. avatar Fred Grace says:


  4. avatar Tina Shay says:


  5. avatar mynameisray says:

    I can see why this has almost no views and you have no subscribers. You
    make no sense at all, you’re on some sort of drug and you ramble on between
    several topics at once. You don’t know what you’re talking about on any of
    the topics but try really hard to sound like you do. I think you should go
    back to your parents basement and stick to watching YouTube videos instead
    of trying to make them yourself. If you haven’t noticed by the lack of
    views you have that people either don’t like you, don’t give a shit what
    you have to say or can’t understand you.

  6. avatar Tina Shay says:

    And why do my comments keep disappearing? I guess I may be to high strung
    for public comments…they make me late for work anyway!

  7. avatar Fred Grace says:

    My latest YouTube vid. Smoke some weed and let’s get crypto, educated. Then
    the space force TR-3B and the Hydron collider? It’s about to get freaky
    around here. Enjoy the journey.

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