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Bitcoin named 'worst investment of 2014'

December 19th, 2014 | by BTC News

Bitcoin named 'worst investment of 2014'
The unenviable title has been bestowed on the world's best known and most valuable cryptocurrency by the business website Quartz, which compared the dollar price of bitcoin at the beginning of 2014 to its current value, saying it has declined by 52%.
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The End of Bitcoin is Always Nigh for Traditionalists
[I]t would be easy to write Bitcoin off as a fad whose novelty has worn off. […] After all, dollars seem superior in almost every respect. They're accepted everywhere, they're convenient to use, and they have a stable value. Bitcoin is an inferior …
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Overstock's 2014 Bitcoin Sales Miss Projections at Million
The release comes amid a potentially bearish cycle for bitcoin news, with many major news outlets emphasizing the decline in bitcoin's value against the US dollar over 2014. Overstock became one of the largest merchants to accept bitcoin in January of …
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