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Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Animations

December 18th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Animations

Baffled by bitcoin? Confused by the concept of crypto-currencies? Well, fear no more. In 190 seconds we explain what bitcoin actually is, where the idea came…


A high-level explanation of digital signature schemes, which are a fundamental building block in many cryptographic protocols. More free lessons at: http://w…
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  1. avatar kc3vv says:

    The problem is that governments need to get Taxes. Bitcoin is an easy way
    to avoid some of the Taxes, which obviosly is not good for any government.

  2. avatar Kalle Kroll says:

    I did very much enjoy the aesthetics of the video and what it explaine it
    did explain well.
    However, it did not at all touch up the elements that make bitcoin
    confusing for e.g. myself. How is it generated? What does mining mean and
    how does it work? What about the legitimacy (i.e. the trust in that i will
    be able to exchage it for goods) of the currency which is not backed by any
    countries treasury? Who is behind it? How does inflation/deflation work
    with bitcoin? … there are sooo many questions that NEED following up on.
    Don’t say you explain something when you are just scratching the surface,

  3. avatar Brent Sakison says:

    0:40 The poor guy got robbed and his account had E0.00 in it. Why did they
    take away his E?

  4. avatar Finger Pirštas says:

    trutherbot ‏@trutherbot 2m2 minutes ago
    #Bitcoin explained and made simple: Bitcoin explained and made simple |
    Guardian Animations 

  5. avatar kd nolan says:

    Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Anim…:

  6. avatar KelmyProductions says:

    Catalyst for World War 3

  7. avatar Matt Richards says:

    Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Anim…:

  8. avatar Сергей Керкез says:

    Очень хорошее и поучающее видео.Класс!

  9. avatar Sasha32659 says:

    Thank you for this presentation. Now that I know more about Bitcoin, I will
    continue to avoid it like the plague.

  10. avatar Reinoud Vaandrager says:

    Good #ELI5 video on #Bitcoin from the #Guardian 

  11. avatar Mark Isaac says:

    This currency is more trusted than national currencies . So I hope every
    person think about to make it his own currency …. 

  12. avatar Bitcoin Conference says:


    Боитесь Bitcoin? Смущает концепция криптовалют?

    Ну, не бойтесь больше. За 190 секунд мы объясняем, что Bitcoin на самом
    деле, как идея пришла и почему это популярно по всему миру. Является
    Bitcoin будущим финансов… или потенциальный разрушитель экономики?

    Bitcoin explained and made simple | Guardian Animationsкриптовалюта #биткоин

  13. avatar Much Bitcoin says:

    Bitcoin explained and made simple | Animated explainers
    Bitcoin explained and made simple | Animated explainers

  14. avatar EnderMen121 says:

    first comment

  15. avatar aleksei v says:


  16. avatar Ahmed Eltaher says:

    thank you

  17. avatar Tay nology says:

    getting more popular by the day

  18. avatar Светлана Тлока says:


  19. avatar golodnaya lisa says:

    Интересное видео. Спасибо за информацию.

  20. avatar Marouane Errouhi says:

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    referring ppl, u get 5 LAT for each person, and that can be traded for
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  21. avatar Internetpartiet says:

    Ny Bitcoinfilm af… The Guardian?

  22. avatar ganondorfchampin says:

    One thing this overlooked is why there is shading dealing with bitcoin: the
    chief reason people avoid a middle man is because they want to avoid having
    someone catching on to them doing anything illegal. Also, the lack of
    central regulation has proven to be a monetary problem with the coin,
    that’s why bitcoin’s value is so unstable compared to regulated currency.
    The bitcoins problems are inherent to it’s design, not because of it’s
    young life. The same problems happen for every cryptocurrency when they are
    actually used. Sorry, but we need the middle man, if he does cheat us from
    time to time. 

  23. avatar Светлана Любченко says:


  24. avatar ГАЛИНА ГАВРИЛИНА says:

    ytn pderf

  25. avatar Earl Fox com says:

    awesome animation!

  26. avatar alfred netzer says:

    I understand the concept – what i need is a real world example with a named
    application that i can pracrise with

  27. avatar Armbreakfire says:

    So far I found the first video confusing as hell, but the last two helped
    me get an overall concept of bitcoin security. This is a long series tho,
    so to be continued tomorrow..

  28. avatar vanshipman says:

    You tube will not work for me any more. No service in 3 days.

  29. avatar Matt Karber says:

    …but I like mathematical nuances! 😀

  30. avatar csper jk says:

    @Oliver Moreau Get out now. and why cant android youtube comment, like,
    dislike, flag or interact with comments yet?

  31. avatar CLains says:

    Mathematical wizardry.

  32. avatar tuna monster says:

    Will there be chocolate cake and ponies to ride too?

  33. avatar tuna monster says:

    Is there a cartoon or sing along version explaining this? Maybe a book with
    pictures I can trace along?

  34. avatar viniweb says:

    The hash of the message is only used to generate the signature. The
    receiver gets the full message plus the signature.

  35. avatar Salimbo says:

    For you too!

  36. avatar Bax Storm says:


  37. avatar gthreesix says:

    There is one reserved especially for you in Hell.

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  39. avatar Joseph Cocozza says:

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