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Bitcoin Difficulty Increase inpact

December 21st, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Difficulty Increase inpact
8 Hi!! This was a very exciting video to make as it’s live coverage of the Bitcoin Difficulty increase today between 14:00 an…
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  1. avatar Hugo Poirier says:

    we can see the price in the video was 0.069 btc/ghs, on todays date, i have
    400ghs at the price of 0.0052, i bought then at 0.0073, so i lost a lot of
    btc. the price of GHs just deflate faster then you can make a profit with
    mining bitcoins on 

  2. avatar Bitcoin Icon says:

    Slowly but safely… That’s the way to do it! You earn every 20 to 30 mins.
    It varies though as some blocks take longer to solve.

  3. avatar Geo MORPH says:

    Truly people in UK speak another language. I’ve yet to determine what the
    point of this vid is. Buy, not buy? Listen to indecipherable phone
    conversation or look at indecipherable chat on screen. Price fell since vid
    was made, so how you are mining 0.04 per day? must mean that you have a LOT
    of Gh/s purchased, right? Come on man, we are trying to understand this.

  4. avatar Bitcoin Icon says:

    At the moment… I’m mining 0.04 per day!! You can’t listen to the people
    trying to control the market!!

  5. avatar deelingroovy says:

    Thanks a lot, how many GH/s do you have, how much did they cost in bitcoin
    and how many bitcoins do you generate per 24 hours?

  6. avatar rainier van Montfort says:

    have you already made any profit with

  7. avatar odqolvlopbo says:

    Too bad it never went back up to where you bought it at. is a money
    loser. The price of 1 GH/s is currently about 0.04, but 1 GH/s won’t mine
    more than 0.03 BTC. Don’t think you can make money trading either. Even
    after the drop shown in this video, the price has dropped another 30% in
    the 2 weeks since this person made this video. 

  8. avatar Bitcoin Icon says:

    Bitcoin difficulty increase live footage on the day

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