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Bitcoin Basics (Part 5) – “How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin”

December 16th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin Basics (Part 5) – “How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin”

Register for my live Bitcoin trading webinar here – In this video I’m going to talk about my favorite subjec…



  1. avatar William O Scott says:

    Hey Chris, I have been receiving an email everyday with some amounts of
    Bitcoins and Litecoins and other coins for free.This all begain a few
    months ago when i clicked on an email a free a mine sent me. There is a
    Qoin sight have you ever heard of it? This is where I signed up to be a
    beta tester and receive free bitcoins everyday for free. But after
    listening and watching your videos I don’t know what to think.When an email
    is sent to me it says that I am receiving coins into six of my accounts
    that includes bitcoin , and other accounts also.

  2. avatar Andy Howard says:

    No love for Cryptsy?

  3. avatar Spence Willis says:

    Hello Chris. I have a business here in the United States and am wanting to
    place BitCoin as an option for clients to pay by using BitCoin. We want to
    be the first Resort Company to except BitCoin as a currency. We also except
    credit cards and USD. Can you help me.

  4. avatar coverfire32 says:

    I want to mimic your trades,

  5. avatar Ralph Behrens says:

    I’ve just listened to your first webinar and want to join platinum but
    can’t get to the e-mail address.

  6. avatar PhoenixSolutions says:

    How could anyone dislike this video? It’s an amazing introduction for
    newbs. That single quote “when people are greedy be scared, and when people
    are scared by greedy” is pure gold to me.

  7. avatar Jackson Akins says:

    So, how do you know what the herd is going to do? How do you know if they
    are getting scared and selling or the opposite?

  8. avatar Shawn Chun says:

    Awesome videos im going to use them wisely :D

  9. avatar Nathaniel Barbaran says:

    this is great thanks chris

  10. avatar Barry Silber says:

    Good job… THREE for THREE prediction as of this moment! Bitcoin dropped
    below $400 just now, as you had predicted THREE (3) months ago!!! 

  11. avatar FreshmenBolts says:

    i like how you told us a little about yourself and your wife, you guys
    sound cool as hell ! 🙂 “…i love scuba diving in Thailand, and Australia,
    and Cental America, and um, ANYWAY lets move on lol 

  12. avatar Rahul Mishra says:

    How many BitCoins do u own in total?? :p

  13. avatar churasco9892 says:

    Hey guys and girls. I would like to try bitcoin but don’t have any real
    money. at the moment. Where do I begin? To start in bitcion then convert it
    to real

  14. avatar Arkaitz Ari says:

    i appreciate your work

  15. avatar Cameron Gagné says:

    Im 16 and confused…

  16. avatar Manisha P says:

    Really informative. Thanks Chris!

  17. avatar Doozie says:

    Just joined up for your next webinar, thanks for all the info. Very
    interested in learning your theories for BTC trades, I still have much to

  18. avatar Christopher Entz says:

    thanks for all these great vids chris

  19. avatar FreshmenBolts says:

    btc is at about $450 now…. 

  20. avatar Djtwitch12 says:

    What are the softwares for bitcoin mining? +chris dunn

  21. avatar angreeee says:

    do any other exchanges than BTC-E support Metatrader platform?

  22. avatar Alterate says:

    I’m a diver too :)

  23. avatar MrAjjdonnelly says:

    Great series, thanks.

  24. avatar Gal Fisher says:

    DogeCoin prediction please :)

  25. avatar BackGround909 says:

    Elliott waves and Fibonacci numbers might help

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