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Bitcoin ATM Machine at CES 2014

December 27th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin ATM Machine at CES 2014

This is a video of a Bitcoin ATM Machine made and produced by Lamassu. This particular machine belonged to BitPay as you can see from the logo on the front a… Chris Yim and Kyle Powers are the owners of Liberty Teller, a new business that serves customers with a machine that instantly conv…



  1. avatar BITCOINFTW says:

    price can be set by the individual owners

  2. avatar BitCoins says:

    Really cool Bitcoin ATM Machine that was at CES this year!

  3. avatar Eve Rodriguez says:

    put one next to wells fargo, bank of america and chase bank

  4. avatar Eve Rodriguez says:

    If they had one here in California, I would go get gifts for all of my
    friends so we all could try it and talk about it. This is so exciting.
    Please come to cali!

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