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Bitcoin alternatives, PS4 winning in UK, Black Friday deals! – Netlinked FRIDAY EDITION

December 30th, 2014 | by BTC News
Bitcoin alternatives, PS4 winning in UK, Black Friday deals! – Netlinked FRIDAY EDITION

Bitcoin alternatives, PS4 winning in UK, Black Friday deals! - Netlinked FRIDAY EDITION

Tired of Bitcoin? There’s a bunch of other cryptocurrencies you can invest in if you want. The PS4 launched in the UK, and looks to surpass Xbox One sales th…
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  1. avatar SMG4LIFE01 says:

    Hell Yeah PC is definitely better lool

  2. avatar dachiefgaming says:

    1:04 Play it over and over. Your welcome.

  3. avatar Kawayolnyo says:

    >”Kusone launched world-wide, while PS 4 didn’t”…
    …Linus…please…just…for fuck’s sakes…*entire planet’s facepalm*

  4. avatar youtubasoarus says:

    Fucking Glassholes!


    But PC’s are still of course BETTER!

  6. avatar EndlessLegions says:

    2:32 Yup.

  7. avatar Anon Mason says:

    I almost unsubscribed after seeing that piece of metal crap on his head.
    Until he said Glasshole.

  8. avatar Jordan Zomerlei says:

    Very boom
    Such gone

  9. avatar lolzable1 says:

    pcs are of course still better :)

  10. avatar Lars Reviews says:

    Black Friday in Germany sucks. There are no deals like that.

  11. avatar Diogo Ramos says:

    “Pc’s are off course still better ” GG son :D

  12. avatar DaRUde117 says:

    1:02 LINUS REMIX!!! *cues in Benny Benassi’s House music*

  13. avatar Clou7 says:

    PPCoin! >:/

  14. avatar tehArgento says:

    Yeah PC!

  15. avatar D. Guru says:

    XBone is still not released in the netherlands, its release date is
    somewhere next year….not that I care….PC :)

  16. avatar H2OMC says:

    Linus is still cool on Netlinked.

  17. avatar OddFacade says:

    …Well obviously they’re of course better.

  18. avatar Leafgreen says:

    Out of stock in hole norway

  19. avatar omkar panchal says:

    Lolz Glass Hole

  20. avatar Lloyd Franklin says:

    It’s Sunday here.

  21. avatar Prich038 says:

    Laser mice are pointless…. No one uses 5000 dpi…

  22. avatar Ry P says:

    Look at that Glasshole scroogling everyone by staring at them!
    While you’re just trying to *Hangout* at the *Bar*, *Waves* of web robots
    and other *Androids* *Keep* *Searching* for your personal information, from
    your favorite *Music* to the contents of your *Wallet*, they *Translate*
    the whole into *Docs* they then store in giant *Drives* in one of those
    secret *Labs* on *Mars* or on the *Moon*.

    Where on *Earth* should we run to escape the Big G?
    I’m afraid no *Maps* won’t tell you *Now*…

  23. avatar Patrick Esdam says:

    XO didn’t launch worldwide.. I still have to wait till 2014 to get mine.
    Also I’ve noticed some “PC Master Race” people in the comments.. Why do
    people think that, just because you have a console or 3, you don’t have a

  24. avatar Rafal Borowski says:

    BBQcoin FTW! :)

  25. avatar Jay Carey says:

    Yes, PC are better, that comment was funny.

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