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Barack Obama & Bitcoin

December 26th, 2014 | by BTC News
Barack Obama & Bitcoin

The Department of Defense’s outrageous comments regarding Bitcoin, plus why Larry Summers’ comments on Bitcoin have me optimistic that President Barack Obama…
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Australien Gov. “Bitcoin for Business Guid” | Bitcoin Alchemy | Safello | TheOpenMinute Rhian from CountMyCrypto | North Carolina Commission of Banks | Indee…
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. avatar Noe De La Cruz says:

    Everyone is a Terrorist.

  2. avatar Dom Jenkins says:

    I always wonder what this would do to big government if Bitcoin acutally
    became the biggest currency in America. Because everyone knows that’s
    how they controls us through money. This shit could change the world. lol

  3. avatar ownedpked says:

    Well said brother.

  4. avatar João Oliveira says:

    Great video.

  5. avatar logans run says:

    I’m behind you all the way but you can’t be surprised, bitcoin threatens
    the banks and controllers so we all knew this was coming.

  6. avatar yournamehere Bish says:

    david , awesome! feels awesome being AWAKE huh .. good stuff Subbed

  7. avatar Noe De La Cruz says:

    Everyone is a Terrorist. 

  8. avatar hal0bend says:

    I don’t feel good about a criminal Larry Summers endorsing the coin. That
    doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  9. avatar Allan Powell says:

    david, i fear you like bitcoin like hoarders like their 17 cats

  10. avatar lucifer demonspwan says:

    Bitcoin the new Bin Laden? seems legit..

  11. avatar Vianney Guesdon-Vennerie says:

    Why you don’t believe in Dogecoin ? I do. I’d like to have your point of

  12. avatar BruceBlitzHasTits says:

    good video

  13. avatar ShamanNoodles says:

    i wanted to hate. but theres something about you i love like a brother

  14. avatar says:

    I want to see your model air plane show!

  15. avatar Jacob Gubler says:

    On point. Bringing light to the terror paradigm bogeyman. Bringing
    competition to finance – if only people knew how profoundly this would
    shape society (Widespread prosperity, bourgeoning progress and innovation).

  16. avatar cmcdonough mcdonough says:

    Well said David. Except for the Dogecoin part. I think people who know
    nothing about cryptocurrencies are turned off by how serious and political
    bitcoin and some of the other cryptos can be. Dogecoin isn’t so serious,
    its fun and silly. People like that from my own experience. There is also
    the psychology that people would rather own 100000 doge as opposed to 0.1
    btc. In my own experience I have had better success getting people
    interested in dogecoin first then they see the power of the technology and
    become bitcoin fans. Will dogecoin last, Id agree its speculative still but
    who knows. Id much rather use dogecoin over federal reserve notes any day.

  17. avatar madcuntmcgee says:

    To be fair, they aren’t banning it or anything. Hopefully all this means is
    they’re going to look into it as a method of terrorist money laundering,
    just like they do with all currencies. If I was sending money back home to
    al-qaeda I’d say bitcoin was a great way to go about that.
    When they start harrassing start-ups, over-regulating or banning, then it’s
    time to get mad.

  18. avatar A D says:

    I completely disagree that Larry Summers’ comments are a good thing. I
    don’t know what his game is, but I don’t think its going to be positive for
    Bitcoin. At all.

  19. avatar Gabriel Stinson says:


  20. avatar Aaron Pugliese says:

    People in government want to create more jobs for themselves. If something
    new pops up on their radar, their choice is either regulation (jobs for
    bureaucrats), or declaring the thing illegal* and *bad for YOU*… hence
    jobs for bureaucrats, cops and lawyers). This same straw argument
    (TERRORISM!, COMMIES, etc) was used during the War on Drugs starting with
    Nixon and continuing into the 80’s. Good luck trying to work with these
    people…but the cat’s out of the bag. However, I do think the government
    will probably try to marginalize the currency so it doesn’t stick – some
    business owners probably remember mp3

  21. avatar Daniel Hatfield says:
  22. avatar Bitcoin People says:

    David, the civil war was not about abolishing slavery, it was about
    installing a fascist regime!

    go back into history … the us government has been committing horrible
    crimes from day 1

    where else do all those dead indians come from? the us government
    slaughtered them to steal their land!

    how was the railroad build? with slaves and by murdering landowners … and
    so on and so on

    don’t worry, you’re not a bad person, but you’re very, very naive

    the worst thing that ever happened to Obama is when his poor, black, muslim
    father abandoned him at the age of 10, which caused a trauma, but since his
    mother was very unstable he wasn’t able to process it, and because it was
    too hard for him to accept that his father was piece of shit who didn’t
    care about him, he has been blaming his grandparents for what his father
    did to him, since then he hates rich, white, christians for what a poor,
    black muslim did to him; it’s called borderline personality disorder!

    the only thing he cares about is to make himself feel good, which is why he
    don’t mind to lie, cheat and steal … as long it makes him feel good,
    because the only point of reference he ever uses are his own personal
    feelings, he’s simply incapable of rational thinking, because if he were
    ever to do so he would realize what a piece of shit his father was … in
    other words; you can’t reason with the government, they’re psychopaths and
    you have to take that very literally!

    but ok, not to worry … the fiat currency system is about to collapse and
    then bitcoins will take over, that by itself will not be enough, but it
    will be a good start to start cleaning up the mess and get rid of the
    genetic waste.

  23. avatar Anna Kurth says:

    08:30 Rhian from countmycrypto “Decentralize our currencies and keep them
    free.” Well said! 

  24. avatar Nargis Rahimi says:

    The link to Every Child counts campaign

  25. avatar World Crypto Network says:

    Australien Gov. “Bitcoin for Business Guid” | Bitcoin Alchemy | Safello |
    TheOpenMinute | CountMyCrypto | NCCommission of Banks |

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