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Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “The Potential of Blockchain Technology” – The Bitcoin Address

December 20th, 2014 | by BTC News
Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “The Potential of Blockchain Technology” – The Bitcoin Address

Internationally recognised bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos provides an in-depth and technical analysis on the v2 feature set of the blockchain protoco…
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  1. avatar Medusa Milena says:

    bad sound, down voted, sorry

  2. avatar Mike12784 says:

    When it comes to improving user experience, here’s my contribution. This is
    btw the extent of my abilities so I am literally giving this 100%. Unit
    nomenclature is an issue in bitcoin. 1 BTC is about $350 USD and hopefully
    going up that’s not a very workable unit for say buying a coffee. The
    smallest unit is a Satoshi that is a designation that enjoys universal
    acceptance, but its so small its also not workable.
    A one millionth of a bitcoin seems to be the target for a standard
    universal unit but it doesn’t have an agreed upon name. Bit? Too much like
    bitcoin. Nanobit? Not technically accurate since “nano” denotes 10^-9 in SI
    units. So how about we just call it “credits”? So a coffee would be “4
    credits”. Simple, easy to remember, everyone knows what you mean and the
    word has a positive connotation to it. So that’s my suggestion improve user
    experience by denominating all bitcoin transactions in one millionths of a
    bitcoin (which also makes prices divisible to 2 decimal places just like
    dollars) and just call it credits.
    If you like it try to promote it maybe it’ll go viral and become accepted
    as the universal unit.

  3. avatar Marco Amadori says:

    This content is soo good.

    MOAR PLZ ;-)

  4. avatar chris adams says:

    Sound fixes itself at 32:00

  5. avatar John Hanks says:

    Why did CoinJar edit out Andreas’s answer to how to deal with
    centralization of mining with Bitcoin? 🙁

    Check out Myriad(coin) it tackles this problem head on.

  6. avatar Francois Harris says:

    Thank you for posting 🙂 great video

  7. avatar Zero Vector says:

    If the original recording did not have these popping sounds, then your
    sound problem is probably due to the mismatch between the rendering quality
    and the recording quality. When you lower the audio quality during
    rendering, make sure to drop by say half or perhaps by 4. As an example,
    from 176.4k down to 44.1k and not 48k. From 192k down to 48k and not 44.1k.

  8. avatar Bob Morton says:

    thx @coinjar @bobmorton I want to send you a soda, $1 thank you.@changetip 

  9. avatar Matthew Robinson says:

    Old mate sinking piss in the crowd. Welcome to Australia.

  10. avatar Ilias Karanasis says:

    Excellent presentation. Thank you! 

  11. avatar Nick Pop says:

    dude that sound… i apreciate what you did…. but dude that sound

  12. avatar Jad Mubaslat says:

    Sound is fine. Thank you!

  13. avatar nxadmon says:

    Is everyone else hearing that popping sound around 30 mins?

  14. avatar thefuture420 says:

    Thank you for posting! Excellent information here

  15. avatar Electronic Healing says:

    I wonder when God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses if he turned around
    and said that these tablets are a bit dirty. Your anal criticism of the
    video will be enshrined forever.

  16. avatar Robert A Yates says:

    Bitcoin can do what credit cards do, only better

  17. avatar TheBestHacker24 says:

    Bad Quality -.-
    Schlechte Bildqualität :(

  18. avatar olly1976 says:

    +CoinJar Thanks for the video a mini-cupcake for you. +ChangeTip 

  19. avatar Red Martina says:

    To the moon!

  20. avatar Coinmarket SWOT says:

    Thank you Andreas. Most people don’t want to go trough so much trouble for
    cold storage, hopefully the open source community solve this very soon.
    Because Bitcoin is the only trustworthy way. 

  21. avatar olly1976 says:

    1:01:10 made me LOL

  22. avatar CoinJar says:

    We are proud to present “The Potential of Blockchain Technology” by
    internationally recognised bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos, filmed
    at The Bitcoin Address 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

    In his talk he covers:
    – new features being added to the blockchain
    – nLockTime, smart contract and multi-sig technology
    – consumer protection features built in to the protocol
    – the potential of the technology, and the danger of early regulation.

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