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2014 was a bad year for Bitcoin and 2015 is unlikely to be much better

December 29th, 2014 | by BTC News
2014 was a bad year for <b>Bitcoin</b> and 2015 is unlikely to be much better

2014 was a bad year for Bitcoin and 2015 is unlikely to be much better
The difficulty that Bitcoin, as well as novel payment systems like Tap and Pay via mobile phones all face is that they still don't offer compelling advantages over existing technologies that already work well and are embedded in the way everyone …
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Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson Video Review and Discussion
The loss of home mining is happening due to the constantly spiking hash rate, increasing difficulty and the rise of the mega mining farms. Spondoolies-Tech is dedicated to Bitcoin mining and the customers who want to be part of the mining network.

Ho-Ho-Ho! Have a Merry Bitcoin Christmas Compliments of Virtex, EgoPay
… we have received from our readers. In the spirit of our previous installments on Bitcoin price predictions, CoinTelegraph readers had the chance submit their own predictions in our very own X-Mas Price prediction contest where the winner will …
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Maria's Christmas Riddle and a Letter to Our Readers at the End of 2014
We have seen a genuine entrance of Bitcoin into the mainstream, drawing attention from some of the world's best-known corporations and investors. Altcoins have diversified and solidified their position, going from cult phenomena to useful niche brands …
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