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Circle Demo Video

November 25th, 2014 | by BTC News
Circle Demo Video

CEO Jeremy Allaire leads users through Circle, taking the product out of stealth mode. We’re bringing Bitcoin to the mainstream with transactions that are in…


Help make more of this content possible. Please donate: 1LAbmS7ksjpgEyxgHu2JdQhtzk6D3WfE4c Recorded May 16, 2014 at BITCOIN 2014 in Amsterdam, Holland. Jerem…
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  1. avatar David de Kloet says:

    +Circle aims to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream.

    If you request an invite now, you may get $10 worth in Bitcoin when you
    receive your invite.

  2. avatar Michael Kendle says:

    Great job Jeremy. This is truly exciting. Very impressive & unexpected

  3. avatar Drek1876 says:

    have anyone use this service i have signed up but cant get a respond to get
    an account seems if i ever get through i might not be able to get my money
    out and no customer care will respond either 

  4. avatar NSAHave MyBackup says:

    Finally got an invite these days and successfuly withdraw about 0.025 BTC
    (gift from them) to my cold storage Bitcoin wallet! Everything pass reality
    smooth and simply. I decided to send BTC to my own wallet since I’m in EU
    country and U.S.-based bank account or credit card are required to withdraw
    BTC to some fiat currency on your bank account. When they enable withdraw
    BTC to fiat on any VISA with no fee, than I will use Circle constantly.
    Until then I will just supervise the whole thing with no funds on account.

  5. avatar YouLostTheGame97 says:

    And not a single damn person got an invite.

  6. avatar Will Tolley says:

    I think Circle and Coinbase are going to become the Apple and Google of
    this space. Which ones which I don’t know, but this video is super legit.

  7. avatar Jonathan Garmon says:

    It looks really easy and cool, love how it’s free! But what if a user
    doesn’t have a phone number?

  8. avatar Jacob Burrell says:

    Great job Jeremy. This is truly exciting. Very impressive & unexpected

  9. avatar Frank Flores says:

    Incredible new #bitcoin service that the government will just love
    subpoenaing with secret requests for user data.

    Please investigate a resource based economy.

  10. avatar Danster82 says:

    Are they serious about the insurance? how the hell do they offer that for

  11. avatar world bitcoin network says:

    Great job Jeremy. This is truly exciting. Very impressive & unexpected

  12. avatar Laoch111 says:

    Hi Circle. Can you have the values also displayed in Euros (€)?

  13. avatar Jerod Topliff says:

    curious how you guys plan to turn a profit…

  14. avatar Cy Winther-Tamaki says:

    I’m assuming transactions on Circle are conducted off block-chain, am I

  15. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    Come on Circle! After I commented on this video, I went to and
    requested an invite, but I have not gotten my invite yet. My invitation is
    still in progress. Makes me wonder was it too good to be true after all?
    You cannot afford to be jerks, Circle XD (Circle jerk LOL)!

  16. avatar snois2 says:

    Very nice!!!!

  17. avatar Snuffish Hax says:

    Seriously?! This is the MOST AWESOME thing I have ever seen. I have been
    waiting forever to skip these “bankwire” methods to buy/sell bitcoins. It’s
    really frustrating.

  18. avatar Wen Jing says:

    I just signed up to receive an invite. I really I get the invite soon
    because on 4 straight attempts my purchase orders have been canceled by
    Coinbase. It was good for a while until they started cancelling my orders.
    Now they say it’s due to my opening multiple accounts (my live-in
    girlfriend and friend) under different names. If that’s really why, then
    how do you explain my friends’ canceled orders in their own homes?
    Multiple attempts of one single bitcoin purchase and all were denied. If
    bitcoin is to be truly frictionless and feeless, Circle seems to be on that
    path, not Coinbase, sadly.

    I have also tried bitoin ATM’s (TWO in all of Los Angeles) and they work
    just fine but the transaction fee is pretty steep (5%) for a seasoned
    buyer like me. I only use them as my last resort when my slush money is
    burning a hole in my pocket.

    For anyone with no access to ATM, bad experience with Coinbase, AND living
    in the New York area, there’s a B&M store call coincafe. You hand them the
    dough, your proper forms of ID, they hand your the bitcoin. Very simple
    and many have used them. Fee is about 4~5% as well but it feels good to
    interact with a person instead of a machine (if personal privacy is not a
    big concern for you).

    Lastly, there’s but ymmv depending on many different
    factors many of which you have no control over such as where you live and
    amount seller willing to trade each transaction.

    IMHO, bitcoin is a long ways from what it truly be and we are heading in
    the right direction with smaller and smaller speed bumps. 

  19. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    The first time I heard about this, I was like “this is too good to be
    true!!!” I need to try the Circle for myself! No bank transaction fees! No
    Circle fees! No waiting around for your bitcoin to arrive (Coinbase better
    step up their game, because Circle is coming!) And, you can use your credit
    or debit cards to buy your first bitcoins. WOW. The bitcoin revolution,
    looks like, is here to stay!!!

  20. avatar Drek1876 says:

    30 mins and i still haven’t received an invite and i cant resend the

  21. avatar LibertarianSamurai says:

    No Fees!? No bank fees?! What!? I should have discovered Circle before the

  22. avatar Nick S. says:

    BTW, how is this any different than Bitgo? I have an account with Bitgo
    and they also offer multi-sig. I don’t want to sign up if it’s the same

  23. avatar Jesbus says:

    That sound nice and all, but… how much do you pay for a common word
    domain name like

  24. avatar Paul Coburn says:

    Finally a mainstream bitcoin service I love it

  25. avatar Oscar Contreras says:

    They’ll make money by acting as a merchant gate once everything goes thru

  26. avatar FeedyourMindwithFact says:

    I love the QR code on the video, very easy to tip = more tips 😀

    Thanks for getting this video out to us!

    PS: You might want to blur out his Debit Card info :D

  27. avatar Coinsider This! says:

    Jeremy Allaire talks about the upcoming growth of Bitcoin and demos Circle
    account usage.

  28. avatar earthmansurfer69 says:

    Interesting, and indeed a bit mainstream here. But, with all that they
    offer (e.g. no fees, insurance, etc.) how will they make money?

  29. avatar donnlee says:

    The youtube app on iphone wont let me copy-paste the donation address.
    Maybe make it a url too. I am able to click the itunes link to the podcast.

  30. avatar Bill Corless says:

    Bitcoin is good, but Paccoin makes more coins.

  31. avatar Much Bitcoin says:

    Jeremy Allaire – Bitcoin’s Mainstream Moment – Bitcoin 2014

  32. avatar Ricardo H says:

    Thanks for uploading. I enjoyed it :)

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